Pharaoh's Mystery

Pharaoh's Mystery 1.111

Pharaoh´s Mystery Game is a great puzzle game with an amazing story background
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The legend of the pharaoh Akhenaten tells that after he died more than three thousand years ago, he commanded to be buried in a sarcophagus inside a cave with all his treasures, and in order to be locked to use gems as keys, and to be turn out to pieces so it would not be easy to find the treasure. Finally a man that holds with him 9 gems has been found and the thoughts are that those gems are related to the key to Akhenaten´s treasure.
Pharaoh´s Mystery Game is a great puzzle game with a great story. You will be shooting gems in order to pick up coins from the treasure of the pharaoh. Be sure to shoot at groups of at least three similar gems, and be careful not to shoot some stones or you will be creating more of them and you can´t remove them from the screen; you will also be creating stones if you hit blocks with less than three similar gems. As time runs, the stones will be lowering down, so you have to hurry up in order to destroy them, if not you will be trapped. At the end of each level you will be earning one of the different gems that hold the secret of the key.

Augusto Rivera
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